Document ME

The 1st ever feature selfie-documentary, the social study of the selfie as the evolution of story telling and the human experience. This film stands apart from anything else and although it is the study of one man it is genuinely a microcosm of the every man. A new genre of film about real life and real problems following the WE in ME as an in-depth modern man case study.


This is not your average documentary. Composed of thousands of images it develops a new breed of “selfie-style” storytelling and gives birth to “selfie-cinema”. It is a magical memory, a sudden shock of remembrance, the yearbook to your life, a meditation on mankind in the time & culture we touch as an emotional video diary. ​

Set out to understand the ME in social MEdia society, from pop culture icons to poetic private prose this puzzle pictures a vivid painting of the modern Renaissance man. A stunning stylish cinematic selfie-portrait confirming that the collective subconscious is what we see in art and what exists in life is a beautifully balanced ballet between beating the odds and living the dream. Selfies are a cultural phenomenon that is the modern day self-portrait. The global relevance is a “selfie-revolution” wave of wonder-struck subjects all vying for the next star view.

The world is in a selfie-social sweep and the issues are wide spread from social to literal suicide. The social media modern man is a hyper-drive of hash-tags and social media is the basis for pictures worth a thousand memes. The new age market is: me, me, memes. The world is literally at our fingertips as a new generation changes with a swipe of a thumb.

Document ME is the social smartphone lens that we all look through, a finger flick into the looking glass and down the endless rabbit hole.

Photographing everything we have an ever-growing lens on the world. We are the media and we influence governments, silence critics and bend everything to our will – all in the name of: photography. This documentary challenges the global workings of creativity and the endless crowds aching to become the centre of attention.

Like the 1929 film MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA this documentary also believes that the camera should capture life as it is really lived. Following real life events this trans-cultural film shows we are intertwined with imagery and that we are part of a larger image and those images are extensions of ourselves.


We are seeking him to be crowned as the ‘selfie king’ in our film, interviewed and offered some wild fun surprises. James Franco was the inspiration to this film and the novel book that is the narration.

For information leading to FINDING JAMES FRANCO please visit any social media site below:

Instagram: markwynnart

Twitter: @HollaDollaBillz


We appreciate your support and patience at this time as this website is still under construction.


– make a 1-5 min. ‘SELFIE VIDEO”

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Featuring real life stories that are disturbingly creative and give us a faith-restoring inspiration to believing in dreams. This emotionally gripping documentary shows us through pictures and written passages that we all suffer, hurt, live, love, laugh and eventually die. This is an honest portrayal of raw life, pain, passion set against a wild world of whimsical art, expression and extreme living.

This nearly complete film is an in-depth, up- close and private look into the lives of many in the life of ME. Following true story of ME in a soulful melody of poetic lyrics with a promise for freedom and The American Dream. A dream that James Franco personifies as a prolific poet, painter, performer and Hollywood selfie-pin up king, he represents all that is the dream. This documentary is the about ME finding James Franco. ​

ME is the titled modern man, who has evolved a simple snap shot into a cerebral comedy of colors as a journey of following your dreams, with wild abandon and compassion Document ME is the vision of vibrant hope and art for a new generation.

We follow through the eyes of a writer, actor, director, and artist who has sharp observations about the populated lonely world we live in. We learn who we are and where we came from, and point at where we can go as the documentary wants to make the ME better understand the WE. The narrator’s voice embodying the language of the universe in a sensory overload launches metaphors over meaning and places punctuation with poetic point.

In a Hunter S. Thompson rhythm it playfully splashes a selfie perspective to rise a new generation of beat poets. Assuming the role of Kerouac himself, the ME title character shares his most intimate moments and messages about the world telling us the fascinating story of self-confidence, happiness, anger, self-esteem, love and hardship as a philosophical spiritually uplifting tale about a young man and his dream. By watching Document ME you are planting seeds of artistic wisdom in your own life. This is the art that is called: the philosophy of ME.

Creating a living real-life character of himself he examines the masks WE all wear. We all have stories, fears, demons, dreams, and destiny & freewill, each of us has a hero and purpose to pursue, as we share interconnectedness in understanding, imagery, archetypes and art.

Showcasing that the individual is everyone and all of us have a desire to build a significant moment. This imaginative documentary opens a new perspective and possibility into the hearts and minds of all mankind simply that: you can be the hero of your own life movie.​


Finding ME Films has been developing Document ME as a privately funded production and has been a true solo “selfie” project until now. Currently in the last 6 months of

production the story is seeking James Franco. Finding ME Films Production Company will be sending ME on a literal roadtrip, chasing The American Dream to finding James Franco. With resources and research within the film industry we are seeking the “selfie-stars” of Instagram and all social platforms to be featured and interviewed in the film. After 5 years of “selfie-character study” the social DOC ME team will complete the final

stages of production from April 1st – July 31st 2015. These last few months will heavily feature interviews, a “selfie” art show and some specific filmed sequences for the opening and closing part of the film, aiming for a fall release.


Document ME is a timeless time capsule of today’s modern man. This film has social and commercial relevance and appeal for television broadcasters, film festivals, and theatrical release and ultimately is geared to play on every social media platform, page and smartphone around the world. This film is aimed at the cell-phone centered society and should be readily available to all devices. Finding ME Films has a wickedly outrageous marketing strategy that is under contract to remain secret until the delivery release date. However, the general concept is emerging as a social media coo, a growing collection of current related news stories linked and tied together creates a sudden awareness with the ability to reach millions. Finding ME Films is reaching out across Instagram to involve “Social Media Stars” into the film and by this attracting thousands of new followers every week. Ultimately we will release the end of the film on the Internet before the film itself is available creating a mass media panic to cover this story and understand the film.