The Blair Witch Project re-introduced found footage from hibernation after the 1979 cult hit film Cannibal Holocaust and now 16 years later UNCUT re-invents found footage in one single shot. The remarkable evolution of home-video style has arrived at a time when digital effects, massive budgets & Hollywood stars rule the independent silver screen. UNCUT rescues true indie films with a refreshing new view and vehicle as the point- of-view reality genre evolves further forcing human experience over big budget effects.

Horror films that tap into our hard-wired instinctive fears probe a deeper place than movies with more sophisticated threats. Bigger budgets productions could not deliver what bare bones reality offer as the only way to film reality is to make the process real.

This film presents found footage with a new artistic flair as it features the camera as the central character effectively bringing the audience into the story while sharing each actors point-off-view. This creates a deliberate home-video sense of security with a creepy avant-garde voyeurism.

Creating a controlled camera ballet the UNCUT structure and story are intrinsically woven together as medium adapts to message – the form of the film follows the linear life of the camera that becomes increasingly damaged. Following a single line narrative in real-time the movie offers much more then a look at someone’s life instead it brings you into the story as a shared experience.

Uncut is a celebration of what a rock-bottom budget can bring. It works with it’s medium to deliver a story that can only be set in this style. It reinforces to artists and audiences that creativity can evolve in cinema with new framing, angles, and truly unlimited options. Uncut breaks through all traditional rules of film and repeatedly crosses the axis between victims, viewers and violent acts. The film’s style and production strategy enhance the illusion that it’s a real event – because it was real.

2014 Official Selection for: Scare-A-Con, Motor City Nightmares & The Unreal Film Festivals.

A feature length single shot film that effectively is linked to its artfulness and creates an emotional and real approach because we realize we not watching a smooth Hollywood fictional film. Uncut comes deeply rooted in the reality as raw and unaltered. There is a sense of human nature that is organic and later that same authenticity is savagely raped by the nature of man. Showcasing a minimalistic approach, using real time effects and natural authentic situations, lighting, staging, nature and even car accidents.

The remaining recovered hard-drive is damaged and becomes the only surviving witness to the most heinous acts. Forced to endure a brutal rape scene the viewer and victims are left to deal with the aftermath. This film is intimate and personalized with character driven points-of-view. There is no opportunity to look away or alternate angles as each victim & witness are forced to endure long term torture and suffering.


UNCUT is Deliverance meets The Blair Witch Project as the story of two missing people resurfaces with recovered evidence from a camera’s hard-drive. The discovered digital story recounts the gruelling psychological and physical journey by two Canadians on a road trip through the backwoods of Montana,USA.

The film lulls you into a false sense of security as the title characters allow you into their private lives & adds a touch of free-willing comedy to the leads. The film then takes what was and appeared to be a wrong turn on the literal map as the heroes are lost. Un-phased, the fun loving lead no sooner abandons the map as they are rear-ended and forced off the becomes a tool for survival – as the only light to guide them out of the literal and figurative darkness.

Director, Sweatman played with role reversal, as he becomes the victim. This happens countless times throughout the film, as a playful perverted puppetry, the camera is passed around as the power dynamic shifts. This time it is the woman who is the hero as she rescues her boyfriend and saves his life.

The resulting chain of events are eerily foreshadowed with deliberate references to The Blair Witch Project and more so to Deliverance – as if paying homage to the classics, contemporary new comer director and lead actor Mark Wynn Sweatman, actually quotes famous lines from Rocky and Deliverance, among others. It is the theme of survival that he reminds his capable co-star, Lea Kovach, that: survival is the game.

The film takes 180-degree turn at that crash point sending the audience and camera into a barrel roll of surprises as two back-woods hunters attack the leads. The ensuing game of survival begins as they are hunted and tracked.

The final chapter changes points of view again as we follow their last chance to escape. In a nightmarish game of hide & seek for survival the travellers are tested to endure. Set against the black of night the film ends with a sudden flash as more neighbours welcome the trespassers, leaving the camera left as the sole survivor.

…more disturbing and disgusting than Deliverance.

…gritty grind-house meets art- house horror. UNALTERED, UNEDITED & UNCUT


Completed 2014 – Seeking theatrical / home worldwide distribution


UNCUT is a cult film in a league of its own with a vintage esthetic. This ART-HOUSE meets GRIND HOUSE horrific thriller has a wide demographic with serious cult potential as the film was captured in one continuous real time shot. Presented as a real event, in real time theatrical distribution

has not seen anything like this. Uncut has unique appeal to all those wanting something different. The film is: an experience for American and European theatrical release & wide spread home video distribution. ​

​UNCUT was the 2014 Official Selection for: Scare-A-Con, Motor City Nightmares & The Unreal Film Festivals. Nominated for Best Female Lead, Best Supporting Male, Best Cinematography & The People’s Choice Award Winner.